I'm a multi-disciplinary freelance illustrator, graphic designer and art director living in Hamburg, Germany. I studied graphic design in Hildesheim and graduated in 2002. From 2003 to 2008 I worked as a designer at fork unstable media. 
Since january 2009 I am available for hire as a "one man army", doing illustration, online art-direction and classic graphic-design for different clients and agencies. 


In the last years I worked for the following clients and projects: 

Alfa Romeo, Aspirin, Autostadt, Coca Cola, Daimler, Diakonie Düsseldorf, Donots (Band), Ducati, Duckstein, Effilee, Ferris MC, Hamburg Konzerte, Ignite (Band), Kingstar Music, Nivea, Strike Anywhere (Band) , Labello, Mad Caddies (Band), Madsen (Band), Mercedes-Benz, Merck, Nivea, Ritter Sport, Swarovski, Taschen Verlag, The Roger Cicero Jazz Experience, Warner Music, Wavemusic, Xing

Boom, fischerAppelt, Fork Unstable Media, Deepblue Networks, Jung von Matt/brand identity, Nest One, Neteye, Kolle Rebbe, Lukas Lindemann Rosinski, Proximity, Peter Schmidt Group, Scholz und Volkmer



  • Black & White: Volume 4, , Out of Step Books 

  • Under the Sea, Out of Step Books

  • Monsterbox, Slanted

  • Illustration 2, Zeixs

  • Poster Design 2, Zeixs

  • Logo 3, Zeixs

  • Welcome - Global Excellent Store Display Design

  • Fresh 2 Cutting Edge Illustrations, Public 

  • Fresh 3 Cutting Edge Illustrations, Print

  • Graphic X Space, Artpower, Hong Kong

  • Slanted #10 – Heavy Metal. Lovers

  • Grimm Magazin #1

  • Websites 3, Zeixs

  • Graphic Design 3, Zeixs

  • Sound & Design, Zeixs

  • Logo 2, Zeixs

  • Best of Poster Design, Zeixs



  • Competitor at the 2009 Cut N Paste Show in Berlin
  • Urban DNS, November 2008, Hamburg 

  • Bring All Your Friends and Enemies, April 2008 Hinterconti, Hamburg



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